Blending in the Good

Health. Hygiene & Happiness

Karachi’s first Juice Bar started with a dream to bring goodness into everyone’s lives. We have made it our purpose to always do our very best so that each of you can be your best selves

Health in a Cup
The Beginning For GreenO Juice Bars
Our first goal with greenO was to ensure that we would offer the city of Karachi something that we would be proud of having ourselves, every single day. Our ingredients are of the highest quality and everything that has been added to our menu, and everything that will ever be added to our menu, will always honor the first promise we made to our customers that; greenO is nutritious, wholesome and healthy.
Juicing, Blending & Serving Karachi for the Past 5 Years
Our founding team has spent the past half-decade learning all there is from nature and science to ensure that every time you hold a greenO product in your hand you can trust that it’s made of the good stuff. We have also spent that time creating a team of highly skilled professionals to ensure that every inch of our organization reflects our core.
Spreading Happiness
Learning from our experiences and learning from the all the people greenO interacts with on a daily basis, we realized that commitment to be our best selves is so much more than just being healthy. It goes much deeper; which is why we too have set our sights on a much bigger goal. greenO is now in the business of ‘Spreading Happiness’ and we want to be the first home-grown Pakistani team that does just that.

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Spreading Happiness
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