farm to juice

Here at GreenO, we source our farm fresh fruits & vegetables that have been lovingly grown, freshly picked, and carefully harvested, from Pakistan and other countries meeting your needs for a delicious, nutritious and frutilicious drink. Our strict Quality Control Systems ensure fresh, well sized ripest fruit for your drink. We guarantee homemade style juices, smoothies, shakes and drinks, filled with every last drop of our extremely scrumptious and healthy ingredients.

Watch over the counters as we prepare your vitalizing drink in our top of the line clean and hygienic equipment. You’ll enjoy healthy happiness in a cup, savoring our farm fresh fruits and vegetables, as the vital nutrients work their magic inside you. Every item on our menu is made with the freshest and the best quality of fruits, which have been peeled, squeezed, crushed, pulped, punched, grinded, and pressed into juices providing your body with rich vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, rejuvenating you from the inside out. Our green-O-meter helps you in determining the key strengths of your favorite non-preservative drinks as you sip on our unadulterated form of fruits and vegies.